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Why start a blog?

I started this school year as a young professional in the dance world. I was beyond excited and maybe a little overwhelmed by the freedom and responsibility I had. But throughout the year I also felt a little lonely. I was used to being around dancers and educators with similar goals and values. If I ever had a question I could turn to the dancer next to me and instantly start a conversation or walk across the building to find my professors to help me.

When I moved away from my college community I had to start building a wider network. I had many great connections through school and my local community. Also, two of my closest friends from college also happen to be dance educators as well so we were able to constantly talk and brainstorm ideas to help each other out.

But why not use every resource I have to help grow my skills and understanding? As I was putting together my website for my own promotion as a dance professional it came up that I could also create a blog. I thought, "eh, why not?" This can help me finally start addressing more of the ideas and questions that have come up while I am teaching and dancing.

So I did it! We'll see how it goes :)

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